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Continuing the work started by Boyd N. Lyon, this fund was created by family and loved ones in association with The Ocean Foundation to provide support to those projects that enhance our understanding of sea turtle conservation, behavior, habitat needs, abundance, spatial and temporal distribution and research diving safety. Your donation to the Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund will go directly to graduate students in support of these exciting research projects. Learn more...



Dedicated to the memory of Boyd Lyon, this fund provides an annual scholarship to a marine biology student whose research is focused on sea turtles

Learn about the BLSTF scholarship recipients and the amazing research they are doing!

Now accepting applications for the

2024 scholarship!

Learn more about other educational funding efforts created in memory of Boyd N. Lyon!

final Guanaja turtles 035.JPG

The 2023 BLSTF Scholar


Robert Gammariello


Boyd & Peter

Boyd and Peter on a pond turtle expedition to Baja California (Mexico), July 2005. 

(Photo by Jeff Seminoff)

Dr. Peter Pritchard

An icon in turtle conservation,

Peter was a mentor and friend to Boyd. He served on the Board of Advisors for the Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund since its creation.

Peter will be forever with us.

Dr. Gail Schofield
1975 - 2023
Gail was the first recipient of our scholarship. Her project dealt with male sea turtles, which was Boyd's research interest at the time of his passing.
Condolences to 
Gail's family, friends, and to the sea turtle community. 
She will be greatly missed.
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