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About the Boyd Lyon Sea Turtle Fund

Dedicated to the memory of Boyd N. Lyon, this Committee Advised Fund provides an annual scholarship to a marine biology student whose research is focused on sea turtles.


Boyd, a true friend and respected researcher had a unique passion for the study and preservation of the majestic sea turtle. In his effort to research and protect these creatures, he implemented a hand capturing method for tagging and studying turtles without using nets. This method, while not commonly used by most researchers, was the one Boyd preferred since it assured the capture of the rarely studied male sea turtles.


Boyd is no longer with us but you can help continue his legacy. For those who would like to contribute to making his vision a reality, and for those who have special interest in the study and protection of sea turtles and the major role they play in balancing marine ecosystems, this fund supports conservation of sea turtles as well as research to increase our understanding of these ancient giants. The Fund also supports scholarships for others like Boyd who are seeking a degree in this field.


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